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1000pcs/H Small Egg Tray Making Machine 3 Molds Semi Automatic Egg Tray Machine

1000pcs/H Small Egg Tray Making Machine 3 Molds Semi Automatic Egg Tray Machine

  • 1000pcs/H Small Egg Tray Making Machine 3 Molds Semi Automatic Egg Tray Machine
  • 1000pcs/H Small Egg Tray Making Machine 3 Molds Semi Automatic Egg Tray Machine
  • 1000pcs/H Small Egg Tray Making Machine 3 Molds Semi Automatic Egg Tray Machine
  • 1000pcs/H Small Egg Tray Making Machine 3 Molds Semi Automatic Egg Tray Machine
1000pcs/H Small Egg Tray Making Machine 3 Molds Semi Automatic Egg Tray Machine
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Hebei
Brand Name: HOLDEN
Model Number: HY-F1000
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard Exported Package
Delivery Time: 20-50 working days
Payment Terms: TT 30% in advance, 70% balance before shipment
Supply Ability: 260 sets per year
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Egg Tray Machine Conditions: New
Processing: Paper Pulp Molding Machine Capacity: 1000pcs / H
Molds: 3 Molds After Sales Service: Engineers Available Overseas For Installation
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egg crate making machine


egg carton production line

1000pcs / H Semi-automatic Egg Tray Making Machine Small Capacity Paper Egg Tray Machine 


1. Description of HY-F1000 egg tray making machine

HY-F1000 egg tray machine is one-side half rotary type molding machine, it is applicable to the small production with all kinds of paper tray, such as Egg Trays, Egg box, Egg carton, Apple tray, fruit tray, bottle tray, seeding tray, flower pot, shoe tree, electrical products package...

HY-F1000 paper tray making machine belongs to small capacity machine for home use or start new business. It usually with natural drying(Drying in the sun), no energy cost, low investment, operate easily and more safe than old reciprocating type machine.

The egg tray molding machine speed can be adjusted to be slower or faster as buyers’ request, and the molds can be customized as buyers’ egg tray samples, and the egg tray production line without dryer can be re-matched with dryer in future if need.

2. Main Specification of the small paper egg tray machine 


HY-F1000 egg tray making machine without dryer (drying in the sun, natural drying, sun drying) 

Product Name Egg tray machine without dryer
Machine Model HY-F1000
Molds 3 forming molds+3 transferring molds
Capacity 1000pcs/h
Overall dimension 2.3m*1.7m*1.6m
Template size 1.23m*0.4m
Operating speed 7 times/min
Voltage 380V 50Hz 3 phase (customized as loacal voltage)
Total Power 33KW
Actual Power 23KW
Raw Material Waste paper, cardboard, newspaper, books
Finished products Egg Trays, Egg box, Egg carton, Apple tray, fruit tray, bottle tray, seeding tray, flower pot, shoe tree, electrical products package...
Paper consumption About 85kg/h (calculating with 80g egg tray)
Water consumption About 255kg/h (waster water is recycling used)
Machine Space 10m*10m
Drying space Above 500m²
Workers(labors) 3-5 person/shift
Weight&Container 3T, 1*20ft container

3. Technical knowledge of Egg Tray Making Machine 

Pulp molded products are new packaging materials that have been rapidly developed in recent years, and are excellent substitutes for wood. Pulp molding products usage is raw materials pulping-ingredients-compression molding-drying-shaping manufacturing process. After the molding, a large amount of moisture (about 55-60%) remains on the workpiece, and the moisture content of the final product is 12-14%. Therefore, during the drying process of the workpiece, the moisture that accounts for the general weight of the workpiece is removed. This part of the water must be removed by absorbing heat into water vapor. Due to the phase change in the drying process, the energy consumption is very large, and the pulp molded products are processed into high energy consumption products. For this reason, it is necessary to perform a thermal analysis on the energy conversion process of the drying. Because the analysis can improve the design and processing of the drying equipment, improve the energy utilization rate, and have a very important guiding significance for reducing the production cost of the pulp molding products industry.

4. Working Principle of paper pulp egg tray machine 

Waste paper is used as raw materials, and then pulped and crushed to make pulp, and then the final paper products  such as egg trays are produced through molding, drying, and shaping processes. 

Egg tray production line working flow 

Egg tray equipment, its production line is mainly divided into beating system, forming system, drying system, waste water recovery system. At present, some egg tray equipment is added to the automatic barrier stacking system. The automatic barrier stacking system makes the paper tray equipment more automated, which saves manpower and time for the egg tray production line. The waste water recovery system is in response to the country's call for environmental protection requirements, preventing the discharge of waste water everywhere and reducing environmental pollution. 
1. Pulp molding equipment-the beat process of egg tray equipment, raw waste paper scraps are put into the pulper, and then water and other raw materials are added to break it into a pulp. In fact, it is the recycling of those waste paper scraps. 
2. Egg tray forming machine is referred to as egg tray machine. It is made from different molds on the host machine. Of course, it is also possible to change the grinding tools to produce wine trays and shoe trays. This is the molding process of the pulp molding equipment. 
3. The pulp molding equipment starts the drying process of the newly formed egg trays, and ensures that the egg trays can be dried in a short time through the three-dimensional hot air. The hot air removes the moisture from them and the egg trays are produced. 

Egg Tray Machine Pulping System 
1) Hydraulic Pulper: Spall all kinds of waste paper. 
2) Homogenate Machine: Used in the stirring of mixed pulp concentrations. 
3) Pump for supplying pulp: Used in Transmitting the pulp from the pulp pool to the equipment. 
4) Sewage Pump: Used to transmit the sewage from the backwater pool to the pulper where the sewage is used for pulping. 

Egg Tray Machine Molding System. (Forming System) 
1) Egg Tray Moding Machine (Change different moulds can produce different paper products) 
2) 16 chunks Egg Tray Forming Moulds (Aluminum or Plastic) 
3) Vacuum Pump: pump the pulp to the mould making paper pulp molding 
Auxiliay Equipment: Air compressor etc. 

Egg Tray Machine Drying System. (Optional) 
Our egg tray machine factory can produce different dryers to match the egg tray production line according to customers' condition and requirement so that get the best and high effective production 


5. Application of medium capacity egg tray machine 

Paper tray, as the product of paper tray equipment, is a very ideal lined cushioning packaging. Paper tray has the functions of moisture-proof, shock-proof and anti-static. The working principle of the paper tray is that the waste paper is used as the raw material, and then the pulp and pulp are crushed to make raw materials, and then the final paper and plastic products are produced by forming, drying, and shaping. Paper and plastic products.
1. Paper tray equipment has been used in many industries. The companies designed by paper tray factories include food, medicine, food, cosmetics, etc.
2. Paper tray outer packaging technology is continuously improved, and the printing process is also continuously improved. Today's market also needs beautiful color packaging.
3. As our consumer requirements continue to improve, the level of paper tray outer packaging has also been continuously improved. Paper tray equipment technology is also continuously improved.
The egg tray making machine can produce all the waste paper pulp molding products, such as egg tray,fruit tray,coffee tray,shoe stretcher, and so on. And we can customize the egg tray machine and egg tray molds as your requirement.

6. Specifications of one side rotary Egg Tray Machine 


Model Capacity Molds Drying System Rated Power
HY-F1000 1000pcs/h 3 molds Natural Drying 34KW
HY-F1500 1500pcs/h 4 molds Natural Drying 34KW
HY-F500 500pcs/h 2 molds Natural Drying 34KW

1000pcs/H Small Egg Tray Making Machine 3 Molds Semi Automatic Egg Tray Machine 0

7. Good Points of Paper pulp molding egg tray machine 

The materials of pulp molding equipment products have the functions of environmental protection, durability, buffering, recycling, etc. With the environmental protection requirements of packaging materials in our country and the international market, the pulp molding equipment has been continuously improved. The pulp molding packaging materials are called us Preferred packaging material. 
1. Pulp molding equipment product packaging is conducive to mechanized production and packing and sealing operations, which improves efficiency for production and improves standard packaging for packaging materials. 
2. The pulp molding packaging material is light in weight, easy to transport, and reduces freight costs. 
3. Pulp molding equipment products can quickly pass the commodity inspection pass, and then reach the rapid logistics, which greatly saves costs in the middle. 

8. Services for egg tray making machine ( Service is very important for every customer ) 

Pre-sales service of paper egg tray making equipment
1. Design efficient and suitable paper tray production line according to customer needs. 
2. According to the customer's plant situation, design the layout of the factory building and arrange the location of the paper support equipment reasonably. 
3. On-site installation and commissioning of paper tray production line to guide and train employees. Respond to machine issues within 24 hours. 

After-sales service of paper tray equipment
1. Except for wearing parts, the entire set of paper tray equipment is guaranteed for one year. On-site service is provided during the warranty period, and the problem is resolved within 72 hours of machine failure. 
2. Paper tray equipment manufacturers establish customer file information and perform regular maintenance. 
3. Provide 24-hour telephone and email technical support to solve difficult problems one by one. 

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