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7000pcs/H Egg Tray Molding Machine Full Automatic Pollution Free

7000pcs/H Egg Tray Molding Machine Full Automatic Pollution Free

7000pcs/H Egg Tray Molding Machine Full Automatic Pollution Free
7000pcs/H Egg Tray Molding Machine Full Automatic Pollution Free
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Hebei of China
Brand Name: HOLDEN
Certification: CE
Model Number: HY-6-8
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: 50000-150000 USD
Packaging Details: 1*40 HQ Standard Package for Export
Delivery Time: 40 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 260 Sets Per Year
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine Process Type: Paper Pulp Molding
Product Type: Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine Production Capacity: 7000 PCS/hour
Molds: 48 Forming + 6 Transferring Egg Tray Molds Mold Material: Aluminum Or Plastic Egg Tray Molds
Drying Methods: Traditional Brick Kiln Dryer, Metal Oven Fuel: Coal, Wood, Diesel, Natural Gas, LPG.
Raw Materials: Waste Paper, Newspapers, Books, Cardboards. Application: Egg Tray, Egg Carton, Egg Dish, Egg Plate, Fruit Traym, Apple Tray Etc.
Warranty: 1 Year After-sales Service Provided: Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas
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7000pcs/h egg tray molding machine


pollution free egg tray molding machine


pollution free egg tray production line


Automatic Egg Tray Machine

Automatic egg tray machine is easy to operate, labor-saving, and effective. It is suitable for small, medium, and large scale investors. Holden Machinery offers automatic pulp molding equipment for sale, which makes the production line easy to operate. In addition, we also have automatic pulp making system, drying, and packing system to choose from. Below are some successful cases from Holden.


Holden Automatic Egg Tray Machine for Sale

All models can be fully automatic. It employs rotary pulp molding machine, automatic drying and packing systems. Below are some basic info and more parameters for your reference.


Raw Materials

Many raw materials can be used as raw materials, like booknotes, magazines, A4 papers, used paper trays, paper-made products, cardboards, newspapers. Normally, the rate of water to paper is 3:1. If you wanna get quality egg trays, contact us to get the details.


7000pcs/H Egg Tray Molding Machine Full Automatic Pollution Free 0

Final Products


7000pcs/H Egg Tray Molding Machine Full Automatic Pollution Free 1


See Parameters









Capacity (pieces/h)








Forming Mould Quantity








Total Power (kW)








Electricity Consumption (kW/h)








Labor Force





Material Consumption (kg/h)

















Fuel Consumption









Natural Gas

















1. The data here are calculated on the basis of 30-cavity egg trays (100 g in weight), which are just for your reference.
2. You can also make fruit trays, egg boxes, shoe support, cup holder, bottle trays, etc. Welcome to contact us for more details!


Fully Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine Shipped to More than 25 Countries


7000pcs/H Egg Tray Molding Machine Full Automatic Pollution Free 27000pcs/H Egg Tray Molding Machine Full Automatic Pollution Free 3



How to Manufacture Egg Trays Automatically?

Automatic egg tray production process is divided into pulping, molding, drying and packing process. 


7000pcs/H Egg Tray Molding Machine Full Automatic Pollution Free 4


Advantages of Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

1. More Effective – Save Time and Labor Cost

Let’s take the drying system for example. Workers need to transfer the trays manually and then place them in a certain area to dry. It is slow and labor-intensive. More than that, it takes about 4 hours to dry trays naturally at 38-40 degrees. But if you use a brick or metal dryer, the trays will be transferred by a conveyor belt. Then about 20 minutes later, you can get the dried trays. 

Pack Egg Trays Automatically


7000pcs/H Egg Tray Molding Machine Full Automatic Pollution Free 5

2. High Output

3. Easy Operation – Lower Error Rate

Firstly, fewer workers are needed. Machines do the most work instead of workers. Besides, it can lower the error rate. Below are videos of automatic egg tray machines, which employ automatic packing system.

4. Easy to Ship, Install & Maintain

There will be less construction work for a fully automatic egg tray machine, especially when you have a metal dryer. The installment process is easy. Moreover, it takes short time. Compared to brick dryer, there isn’t fundamental work for a metal dryer. When in the running process, it is easy to operate and maintain.

5. Less Land Required

If you dry the trays naturally, you need at least 500 square meters for a HY-F1000 machine. Leave a message to us and get the details now.


Fully Automatic VS Semi-automatic Models

The main differences between fully automatic and semi-automatic egg tray making machines are the drying and packing system. Each of them has features. For example, the fully automatic egg tray machine price will be higher than the semi-automatic and manual one. But more importantly, it is more effective and labor-saving. What you need to do is to find the one that suits your needs the best. Below are the main differences:

Drying System

In terms of the automatic egg tray manufacturing line, we employ a conveyor belt to transfer the wet products into the drying room. While in a semi-automatic machine, wet products are manually placed on the racks for natural drying. Then it will take 4-6 hours to dry the egg trays under good weather.

Packing System

After drying, there is a counter and a packer at the end of the conveyor belt to pack the egg trays up automatically. It is advantageous in lessening the investment costs and increase production efficiency. While if you have a small-scale industry, you can pack the egg trays manually. It will greatly save your investment cost. Here is a video about our HY-4-12 automatic egg tray machine.


Fully Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine Price

Holden egg tray machine price is different with the capacity, equipment, custom design, molds, etc. For the same model, the fully automatic egg tray making machine price will be higher. However, it will save money from other aspects, for example, labor costs. Besides, it will make more trays in a shorter time. If you have an automatic drying line, then you won’t need too much space to dry the trays to lower your space cost. Especially, the metal dryer can be multilevel to save your space. So do not rely on the price only during your purchase.


Holden Tips

Before your purchase, we suggest you put the things below into consideration:

1. How many trays will you make per hour?

For example, if you want to make 3,000+ trays per hour, the automatic model will be your best choice. For a large egg tray plant, it will be more cost-effective. Of course, small egg tray machine, like HY-F1000, HY-F1500, HY-3-4, and HY-4-4 can be automatic as well. 

2. Your budget

How much you are going to spend on this project? Holden egg tray machine price starts from 8,000 USD. But it will differ with different machines. When you do the cost estimate, you need to take the machine price, operating cost, fuel cost, etc. into consideration.

3. Is it expensive to hire workers?

In general, you need 4-8 workers to run an egg tray production line. It is important to know the local salary. If it is expensive, you can consider buying an automatic one to lower the operating cost.

4. Do you have enough space?

For natural drying, you will need more than 500 square meters for a small egg tray machine. While if you have limited land, you can have an automatic dryer instead. Below is a layout design for your reference.


How to Distinguish the Automation Level of An Egg Tray Machine?

There are four main sections of a complete pulp molding production line. They are pulping system, molding system, drying system and packing system. Among them, molding system mainly means pulp molding machine. While the paper pulp forming machines from Holden Machinery is fully automatic. However, the automation level here we talk about refers to drying system. We have four drying modes to choose. They are natural drying, brick drying line with carts or conveyor belt and metal drying line with a conveyor belt. The former two are semi-automated, while the latter ones are fully automated. Moreover, we can also supply customers an automated packing system, including hot press machine, packer, counter, etc. All these machines can be provided individually or completely.


Advice to Buy An Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine

Of course, it is of great significance to concern about the egg tray machine price. But it is not the only thing you should consider. Besides, the costs of an egg tray production line also contain maintenance fee, labor input, energy consumption and so on. A fully automated production line has many advantages, like low labor strength, high output. However, it is more suitable for large-scale investors. If you want to be a professional supplier of paper trays and you have enough money, a fully automatic machine will be very helpful. However, you’d better buy a semi-automatic egg tray machine, if you just want to produce 1000 pieces of egg trays for your own chicken farm. We suggests investing what fits you most. If you not sure, just tell us your requirements. We will propose the most suitable investment plan for you.



Holden is an experienced egg tray machine manufacturer, which has more than 120 successful cases all over the world. Our fully automatic egg tray machine was installed in the Philippines, India, Russia, Armenia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, etc. Besides, we have our own factory to offer you a factory direct sale price. Also, Holden is highly praised by clients for full service system. Welcome to contact us for more details!

Main Products from Holden Machinery

7000pcs/H Egg Tray Molding Machine Full Automatic Pollution Free 6


Customer Feedback


7000pcs/H Egg Tray Molding Machine Full Automatic Pollution Free 7


Holden Machinery Factory Workshop

Hebei Holden Egg Tray Machinery Factory has 29 Years experiences on manufacture various Kinds of Paper Pulp Molding Production Lines. We have professional technicians and engineers team, after-sale service team.


HY-3x4, HY-4x4, HY-4x8, HY-4x12, HY-5x8, HY-F1000 , HY-F1500, HY-6x8, HY-5x12, HY-6x12. And the variety of egg tray production lines can meet different daily output required and customized as your request.

We produce the whole processing of egg tray including molding machine, pulp machines, drying line. The capacity is variety from 1000 pcs/h to 8000 pcs/h. We produce and sell over 200 sets egg tray machine to 80 coutries all of the world.


Holden egg tray machine is a profitable and promising investment project, which uses waste paper as raw material to make different pulp molded trays. To meet different customers’ requirement, Holden Machinery has developed seven models, and the capacity ranges from 500 to 9000 pieces/h. So far, Holden machines have been installed in 60+ countries and received great feedback from 100+ customers. Holden Machinery, your first choice to buy egg tray making machine!



Profitable and promising investment projects

Holden Machinery offers several molds to make 24 egg tray, 30 egg tray, quail egg tray, duck egg tray, goose egg tray, piegon egg tray, egg carton. The raw materials are book, notebook, A4 paper, cardboard, magazine, newspaper, etc. When you have other demand, send image or sample to us. And get a customized tray mold. Besides shape, the color and heavy of egg trays also can be changed. Contact us to know how to adjust them.



From the customer’s perspective

As we know, pulp molding equipment is the key to an egg tray production line, as well as the core product of an egg tray machine supplier. Considering the safety of workers, we have developed rotary automatic type instead of the reciprocating type. It usually consists of two kinds of molds, namely forming mold and transfer mold. There are two options for mold: plastic and aluminum. Here are some parameters for your reference.


12 Sides Rotary Type 6000pcs Per Hour Tray Making Machine 7

If you want to start business, tell us now! Holden Machinery will be your reliable cooperator. Welcome to contact with us!


1). Your inquiry will be replied in 24 working hrs.
2). Exclusive and unique solutions can be provided by our professional engineers.

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